Welcome to the world of One Time Systems.


Long ago, when the world was young and I still had a full complement of hair and teeth, I trained (and qualified) as a chartered accountant. One of the more useful things I learnt was double entry book-keeping. This science was invented by a monk in the 14th century, a dire example of can happen when exposed to extended periods of enforced celibacy. Book-keeping was, of course, a manual process, but then something wonderful happened - computers arrived and were followed shortly by Microsoft Office and a variety of book-keeping programs.

Through exposure, I soon became adept with Office and the various book-keeping programs available, particularly Sage,
or Sage 50, to give it its current title. I also became aware of program limitations, and the unfortunate practice of entering
the same data in different programs. This gives rise to three potential errors:

My first foray into linked data was through the use of the ODBC link supplied by Sage, but this has read-only capabilities, so I asked Sage how I could become a Sage developer. A certain sum of money changed hands, and I was sent a CD. On asking what I was supposed to do with this, I was told that they were not in the business of training, and "to get on with it". This site is the story of my progress in linking Sage and Office, and other things.