Bank Systems

Over the years I have built up a relationship with the National Westminster banking group, particularly the Royal Bank of Scotland.
As a result, I have worked with a number of their products, as follows:

Royline / Bankline

This started with an unfortunate employee whose job for 35 hours a week was to read data from a screen linked to Royline, and re-enter that
data in their own database (Alpha 5). Whilst working on the database, I was approached by a visiting RBS business development manager (BDM) and
asked if it might be possible to automate this process in some way. I discovered that not only was it possible to export data from Royline,
but this export facility could be set as an automatic daily process. This functionality has been used for a large number of clients.

Client Money Services - CMS

Having succeeded with Royline, the same BDM asked me to look at Client Money Services, another product offered by the bank. The product is
designed for regulated clients e.g. solicitors, accountants, stockbrokers etc - who are responsible for holding client funds. Its great advantage
was that involved only one bank account, but independent records for large numbers of clients within that account. The disadvantage was that
the software was (rightly) sealed, and users had to enter data twice. I discovered methods for importing and exporting data, and was then invited
to demonstrate this to the head of CMS in London. During this meeting, he offered me administrator access to the software, and introduced me
to one of the team who had written the program. I then developed a fully functional CMS interface, and worked with a large number of
clients integrating CMS with their existing systems.


As a result of exposure to the above software, I have also developed: