I have lost count of the number of clients I have seen re-keying Sage data into Excel for a variety of reasons.
Clearly, ODBC can be used to pull data from Sage for this purpose. The situation also arises where clients will enter data
into Excel, use it to extract totals, then enter those totals in Sage. In this case, it is a simple matter to place a button
on the Excel worksheet that will automate the process. Examples of Excel applications are given below:

Example 1

A client runs multiple projects for multiple funders. Each project requires a complex budget providing actual - budget - variance analysis.
Using Sage department functionality, it was possible to allocate transactions to projects, then use ODBC to link Sage data to the
workbook, and allocate actual costs against budgets for each account code to produce an updated budget. All at the press of a button!

Example 2

A media company producing commercials is required to complete a complex budget for each commercial. The budget is in an industry-standard
Excel format. By adding Sage account codes to each line of revenue and expenditure, production staff now have access to accurate status
reports on all commercials without troubling the accounts department.

Example 3

A client receives multiple daily receipts that are recorded in Excel over a range of product codes, that make up a daily banking total.
By adding a Settings worksheet and a command button to the workbook, all transactions are now entered automatically in Sage.